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Why a career in Data Analysis?

I was thinking about the steady growth of technology, the increasing use of data, and all the areas related to it over the last couple of decades. And why not, how it’s compared to investments on other fields. So, I found the following graph in Tableau (which is a data analysis software platform), comparing the funding for hardware, software, biotech, and industrial between 1995 and 2010.

These graphs demonstrate how technology funding grew during the dot-com period and then decreased. Still, by 2010, most of the funding was destined to hardware, and specially for software.

Then I asked myself if there’s a chance to run into a new bubble like the dot-com bubble that burst around 2001? And I found various sources demonstrating interesting data and facts. For instance:

So, according to those graphs, the current situation is very different from the situation lived during the dot-com period. Technology has been growing differently, and it’s indeed a great time to look for a career in Information Technology, or even better; Data Science!


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